Tales For Lilies.

Embrace Your Past

Part -V

By the age of 15, she was drafted into the Royal Army, and placed on the Special Operations Section. Her skills were paramount to the Empire, and she was used to conquer any resistance. It was during this time that she learned to Embrace Your Past.

Part -IV

Today marked 4 years before her journey to Roanoke, her final destination. Over the past year, she rose to the rank of Lieutenant, and was the most promising member of her section. More and more she began to believe in the belief her mother instilled in her, to Embrace Your Past.

Part -III

36 months ahead of her arrival, she had just exterminated the last of the Rebels. Once again promotion seem immanent, she was the star of the Empire. Later that day she tells her new recruits to Embrace Your Past.

Part -II

Two past ten month before Roanoke fills her lungs, she is on another battlefield. This time a war between the Empire and its newly designated enemy, the Sand Devils. It was sometime later that her section adopted the motto Embrace Your Past.

Part -I

A year prior to stepping foot upon Roanoke, she was sent on a mission to assassinate the head of the Sand Devils. Half a year after that she completed her task before being ordered to journey to Roanoke to quell its citizens. During this time, she understood the importance of her life so far, and chose to no longer follow the motto she has retained these past five years to Embrace Your Past.

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